About us

The King Biscuit Boys formed in 2011 when Craig was finishing music college and went out  to meet and play with other musicians, looking to The Blues. Jonathan was looking for a harmonica player and they met up and started jamming together. They began doing Gigs in 2012 playing shows up and down the country.   The two though far apart in age are both influenced by the same Blues and roots Music of the 40's 50's and 60's. This comes together to influence there sound of country blues music for the modern age.
Our collaboration came to an end in the summer of 2020 when Craig decided to move on to other projects.  


Craig is the virtuoso harmonica player and a multi instrumentalist, who plays  melodica, keyboards, hang drum, tongue drum, Washboard and occasionally the spoons.   His latest instrument of choice is lapsteel played with a spoon and bar.

Craig first interest in the harmonica started when he heard The Wizard by Black Sabbath. That Christmas a family member brought him a harmonica and has played it everyday since. (give or take a day or two)
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As well as performing with the King Biscuit Boys and others, writing songs Jonathan has also written articles, reviewed CDs & live performances for Blues Magazines and is a promoter for the Bletchley Blues Club in Milton Keynes. www.bletchleybluesclub.uk.
Also known as The Craig Stocker Rhythm Section.
Jonathan just wants to sing and play the blues. Don't give him too many chords or flattened 9ths (whatever they are).

Jonathan has over the years built a vast collection of blues records and in doing so has become a scholar of the blues. This has helped him develop his own unique country/blues guitar tone and gruff vocal style. Jonathan has been working with other blusers on some new songs that will be released in 2021.  
Jonathan's new projects.

Where we got our name from:
In November 1941 'King Biscuit Time' was born. Broadcast from radio station KFFA, located across the Mississippi River in Helena, Arkansas. The programme saturated the Delta with live blues and a pitch to buy King Biscuit Flour. 
It was on King Biscuit Time that Muddy Waters first heard an amplified harmonica and electric guitar.
Edited from 'Muddy Water - The Mojo Man' by Sandra B.Tooze. 


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