Some of the songs here have been recorded by the King Biscuit Boys. One or two do not suit their style and many would be suitable for bands to record. If you are interested in the songs, let me know and I'll show you how to play it.

Some versions of the song may already be recorded by the King Biscuit Boys or you could find them on The King Biscuit Boys YouTube channel.

Some of the songs have links to performances. I've put the Album lyric sheets, but will put up individual lyric sheets in due course. If you cannot find them and would like me to share them, please do get in touch.

All in a days work - Lyrics & Introductions - 4 page for website.pdf
Got my eyes on you - Lyrics & Introductions All tracks.pdf
Bluesyourself - Lyrics & Introductions - website.pdf
Jon Townsend & Friends – Just got to! – KBB 005 - Lyrics.pdf

All these songs were written by Jonathan Townsend. Collaborations are shown.
For the lyrics refer to the album notes (see above) Some are linked to video performances. 

Some of the tracks are not yet recorded.

A handful of kisses - Album, Got my eyes on you
All you need - All in a days work
Big Sigh baby - Just got to!
Bye, bye baby so long - All in a days work
Cold in the morning (Suck, squeeze, bang, blow) - All in a days work
Dust off your dancing feet - Just got to!
Early shift blues boy - Bluesyourself
Got my ticket home - Just got to!
If you want a dog! - All in a days work (written with Craig Stocker)
I'm tired of working - Bluesyourself
I won't be sober soon - Got my eyes on you
Jukin' (you said you'd keep me happy) - Got my eyes on you
Just got to (you don't have to have the muse) - Just got to!
Lay my bible down - Just got to!
Lazy Liar -Just got to!
Lies travel faster than the truth - All in a days work
Lightnin' washboard - Instrumental - Yet to be recorded
Listen - Just got to!
Little Cutie - Yet to be recorded
Live life and take the consequences - All in a days work
Lonesome Lover Blues - Bluesyourself
Miss you when you've gone - Got my eyes on you and an alternative version on Just got to!
My blues buddy done stole you baby - Got my eyes on you
My middle name is lonesome - Got my eyes on you
Nice time - Bluesyourself
No longer (Waiting) - On a no longer available EP
Pep in my step - Got my eyes on you (written with Craig Stocker)
She scares me - Got my eyes on you
She knew that I would end up with you - Yet to be recorded
Slowly walking away - Just got to!
Is she lying? (harp song) - Just got to!
Suck, squeeze, bang, blow (Cold in the morning) - All in a days work
Sucker - Got my eyes on you
Tell by her look - All in a days work
Tempted - Bluesyourself
That ain't all - Bluesyourself
Ticket Home -  Just got to!
Two policemen - Yet to be recorded
Valentines day  - Just got to!
Won't you please - Bluesyourself
You're gonna lose (Gamblers Blues) - Bluesyourself