Sliding, picking, strumming, sucking, blowing tapping & scratching good time front porch music!

Hi everyone,
Craig here. 
Just to let you know that I have decided to quit the King Biscuit Boys. I've really enjoyed being in the King Biscuit Boys. I have learned, experienced a lot and grown as a musician, but would now like to do different creative things.
Thank you to everyone who has liked  and listened to our music and came to our gigs. I really appreciate it. I wish Jonathan the best with all his musical pursuits in the future.
June 2020

Jonathan will be available for solo shows and will seek others for live performances and collaborations.
See what live shows Craig and Jonathan are doing now by visiting our Live page.

Jonathan is currently recording tracks for release later in the year. The album will be called "Just got to".

"You don't have to be a musician to play rock'n'roll, you have just got to love it and want to play it"
Lee Brilleaux - Dr Feelgood

The Musicians on "Just got to" will include:

Ben White
20-year-old Ben has been playing the harp for 5 years, guitar for 3, bass for 2 and the piano for a few months. Ben plays traditional blues, because it’s the music he listens to 99% of the time. “It’s a deep well of music and such good stuff as well, mainly 30s through to the 50s and 60s at the latest, but it’s blues all day long” says Ben.

Marc Ellison
Marc has added some of his talents to a couple of songs. He can be found mostly on his YouTube channel

Pete Royson

Peter comes from a similar background to Jonathan and shares his love of blues music. They met along time ago and Peter offered his help to provide some more guitar.

Florence Waite

“Dyna Flo” as she became known during the recording is a young lady who though still in her teens shows an understanding of the music that you would expect from someone with far more years listening to the blues.

Ross Young

An old friend added some subtle percussion where it was needed on various songs.

Jonathan, JT, 

has been the driving force behind The King Biscuit Boys for 9 years. He wrote most of the material and like Ben is 99% blues, though he has had much longer to drink from the well.

Some songs have been completed completed with Ben White featuring on harmonica including :Slowly walking away, Got my ticket home, Valentines day. A further collaboration 'Listen' Ben features him on piano.
'Miss you when you've gone' & 'Lazy Liar' have Peter Royson on 2nd guitar and Florence Waite on harp with Ross Young on percussion. 'She was Lying' also features Florence on harp.
'Lay my bible down' has just been mixed and features Florence Waite on harp.
"Dancing Feet and "Just got to" have recently been completed with the help of Marc Ellison
'Big Sigh' & Two Policemen are in the final stages of recording


New material from Jonathan

The soundcloud 4 track promo includes 4 tracks:

The songs are: Slowly walking away (Ben on harp), Miss You when you've gone (Florence on harp) Lazy Liar,(Florence, Pete & Ross) Got my ticket home (Ben on harp).

When Jonathan was learning about negotiations the main thing he remembered was the need to listen.

Not superficially, but to listen deep for meanings and understanding.

One of the things most of us do we fail to do now is listen. Skipping past tracks and having music on in the background is common practice.

Listen to what your heart says, what your mother tells you and make time to listen to music is my advice.

The Lazy Liar song has a full lyric video for your entertainment.

Thanks for listening. There are some more on the way.

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Andy Hughes of Blues Matters says: 

"amazing harmonica throughout the album" "Everything about this 14 track selection underlines the authenticity of the duo's approach, and the flair and ability with which they achieve it".  


Sliding, picking, strumming, sucking, blowing, tapping & scratching good time front p
orch music!

The King Biscuit Boys are predominantly an acoustic blues duo that can turn electric if required. Since 2012 they have been honing their craft playing regularly all over England and Wales. They are based in the South Midlands and have built up a loyal, local fans base. 

The King Biscuit Boys deliver an energetic authentic blues infused live performance.  While Jonathan provides various guitar styles and vocals; Craig interweaves with virtuoso harmonica playing. He also brings washboard, cajon, keyboard, lap slide and more to the party! 

 They perform a wide range of material from country blues, through the 40s and 50s to modern original blues songs.

"The mix of good time acoustic blues on guitar and harmonica, supplemented with a sprinkling of other instruments and a good balance of originals and covers, with a generous drizzle of humour thrown in, left me going home have had a thoroughly entertaining evening" - John Cee Stannard.